The Cloud’s coming… are you in?

Chris BrownleeThe Cloud’s coming… are you in?

There’s a couple of unscientific milestones you notice which normally herald the arrival of a new idea. Sometimes it’s hearing your parents or elderly relatives discuss something for the first time. Sometimes it’s when the popular soaps start referencing it. For me, it’s when I hear something being discussed on Radio 2. When I tuned in to listen to an exchange on what ‘The Cloud’ was a few weeks ago… well, I knew it had gone mainstream.

While us IT geeks have been harping on about The Cloud for years and the likes of Microsoft and the big tech companies have been pushing corporations hard to adopt, for most small and medium-sized businesses it’s probably passed them by. And there’s good reason why.

Tech businesses haven’t exactly done a great job explaining what the benefits of cloud computing technology are for small business. Microsoft et al are so wrapped up in the technology and its possibilities for the future, they neglect to explain how cloud computing relates to the everyday issues of real businesses.

How often do you see a case study on how cloud computing has helped a regional accountancy firm resolve its problem of being under-resourced? When do the adverts mention how cloud computing has helped an estate agent keep tabs on its sales team and reduce costs? Where is the mention of the business which has grown from small roots to serve national businesses thanks to the ability of cloud computing to scale and grow with their business without any hint of recurring IT issues holding it back? You don’t.

That’s why I’m committing Worknet to doing our bit to spread the cloud computing message with our eye firmly on the business benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises. Yes, the technology is incredible… but what really matters are the possibilities it opens for  business owners and entrepreneurs.

It strengthens a business by bringing greater stability to their operations. It vastly improves security and resilience  in case of threats from theft and our recent extreme weather. It  enhances productivity by removing the many problems associated with in-house IT and office servers. It frees up your time to work on the important aspects of your business, such as winning and keeping your customers. And it helps you grow thanks to its in-built flexibility to mould to your business needs, scale when you need it and add remote workers. It will even allow you to forecast costs when you use a fixed-price service, such as our Hosted Desktop.

I’d love to hear your feedback about this issue. Feel free to drop me an email at or call me on 01628 563630