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The Worknet Network: Paul Coleman (Kingsbridge Insurance)


Paul ColemanWe like to share the love by recommending people and businesses we work with and would gladly refer to you, based on how great we think they are. Today, we recommend Paul Coleman of Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers.

In a world of rising premiums, Paul has been our heroic insurance broker, managing to actually reduce our insurance costs this year.

Unlike the impersonal service and random pricing of some of the big insurance providers, Paul takes time to visit us at least once a year and understand our business so he can arrange appropriate cover. He also ensures we don’t have cover we don’t need (and which we’d pay for under less personalised cover).

The thing we really like about Paul is his transparency. He’s even gone so far as to separate out his fee so we can see clearly what he is being paid and what we’re paying to the insurance companies. Now, who else would do that?

If your business insurance renewal date is looming, we’d heartily suggest dropping Paul a line to see whether he can wow you with his service and bring your renewal costs down.

Call him on 0118 960 2412 or visit the website for Kingsbridge Insurance Brokers at www.kibl.co.uk

And tell him we sent you!