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Techie Buzz! Cyberloafing

Nigel FloodTechie Buzz! Cyberloafing

Don’t know your bits from your bytes? Don’t worry! We helpfully explain a tech term each month to keep you in the loop. This month we ask are you Cyberloafing?

Are you a Cyberloafer? Or do you think your employees are Cyberloafers? Well, the truth is they probably are and so are you. Cyberloafing is the act of spending time at work on the internet and doing anything but work.

You know… twitter status updates, snooping on friends, enemies and exes on Facebook and playing Angry Birds.

In fact, it’s estimated between 60% to 80% of the time employees spent on the internet at work has NOTHING to do with work, according to an NBC News Survey in 2013. It wasn’t exactly what the connected workplace was supposed to be about.