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Useful stuff to keep an eye on…

Useful stuff to keep an eye on…

IT security attacks… there’s more coming

Train your staff up on your security policy pronto… (or get a security policy, if you don’t have  one!) as attacks on IT infrastructure are on the rise. At InfoSec – the annual conference on IT security (yes, it sounds mind-numbing, we know…) – a huge 60% of the 150 attendees said attacks on their IT infrastructure rose in the past year. Top threats included social engineering and phishing, attacks for financial gain and staff accidentally causing security issues. All of these can be effectively combatted with better training as staff are the biggest threat to your business with regards these types of security breaches.

Is your business vulnerable to cyber crime?

Most small businesses don’t think a cyber attack will happen to them… until it does;  tightening up your network’s security just became critical. According to The National Crime Agency, UK businesses will suffer from more cyber crime in the next three years as organised criminals look to steal or destroy company data. It points to the kind of threats to keep you awake at night… harvesting customer and sensitive business data for fraud, deliberate attacks to inflict damage on your reputation and malware attacks on mobile. Who did the agency say were most vulnerable to this wave of cyber crime? Smaller businesses with ‘less mature security measures’.

Not all cloud services are equal, it seems…

It looks like some businesses could do with a dose of our fully managed cloud service… a global survey of IT professionals found 73% fear their cloud computing provider hides problems with the performance of their network. The survey of 740 senior IT pros by Compuware Corporation discovered the widespread concern, which doesn’t end there… 62% of respondents also said they were finding it hard to troubleshoot problems. Of course, for our cloud customers our IT support heroes deal with these at HQ.

IT manager or firefighter?

Our team recently attended a conference organised by Cisco about how businesses were using cloud computing technology to grow. One statistic really stood out: on average IT managers spent 70% of their time firefighting IT issues, while only 30% was spend on developing strategy and ways to help IT grow their business. It’s a stark reminder how day-to-day issues can take over. Our belief is you’re job isn’t to service technology; technology should be there to make your life easier.

The NumbersVirtual desktop

Number of UK businesses who use cloud technology for all their IT.
(Source: Barracuda)

Number of UK businesses who completely ignore cloud technology.
(Source: Barracuda)

Proportions of time IT managers spend fire-fighting vs time spent
focusing on growth and using IT to help build the business.
(Source: Cisco)