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Productivity Booster: Relocation, Relocation

Productivity Booster: Relocation, Relocation

So you’ve outgrown your office space? Or perhaps you’re moving to somewhere more economical? You know what this means… the dreaded office move. But don’t fear, as part of our series on making the most of your IT network, we share some helpful advice on making your office move as pain-free as possible.

Moving offices is stressful, no matter how much you plan. Fortunately, we’re pros at office relocations and have done move after move while minimising downtime as much as possible.

Communicate your move dates well in advance
Let all your suppliers know when you are moving as far in advance as possible. This helps with their forward planning so you know of any potential issues upfront.

Figure out the basics
Know what the minimum is needed to get working once you move in. For Hosted Desktop users, a desktop or laptop and a broadband connection plus working phone will ensure disruption is minimised. For a standard IT set-up, the key issue will be installation of the server (wherever it is being housed). Without this, no work happens. It needs to be powered down, physically moved and reinstalled at the new location. Once it’s moved, it’s often difficult to use it from the ‘current’ location until everyone has moved, so ensure the necessary elements are moved and installed in the new location first. The office coffee machine probably doesn’t need to take priority…

Check your connections
Following on from the previous point, before the move we advise a thorough assessment of the power and broadband capabilities in the new location. Utilities suppliers are notorious for offering a poor service to small and medium-sized businesses, with no thought to the impact it has on their business. Keep this in mind to ensure your new premises has everything you need ahead of the move so you can simply plug-in and go. Of course, we’re happy to help with any aspect of this.

Think about spares
No matter how small an office you have and no matter how well you plan, a cable always goes missing in the move. Or a connection somehow gets damaged. Purchase spare cables and connections in advance (a good housekeeping move, generally, too).

Have a Plan B
For whatever reason, if something can go wrong it usually will. Therefore, have a contingency plan in place in case something unexpected happens, such as the power in your new office is switched off or there is a problem gaining access. If you’re using Hosted Desktop, this may be as simple as ensuring all staff members have the capability to work from home so laptops and phones need to be diverted appropriately. Or perhaps identify an internet cafe nearby where work can continue in the interim. If you’re on a standard system, this may require back-ups of work onto removable discs ready to use at home or at another location.

Need help with your office move? We’ve done lots of moves and can bring our experience to help you relocate with the minimum of fuss and keep your business moving. Call us on 01628-563630 to discuss your move.