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Net Success: Inpharmation

Net Success: Inpharmation

Inpharmation logoIn our Net Success series, we dedicate space to businesses like yours and discover how you’ve been using technology to grow your business, increase sales and make your life easier. Today we turn our focus to a company with incredible global reach, who have used cloud technology to help their worldwide team operate remotely and securely when sealing deals.

Pharma is a seriously big business. When a major drugs company develops a new product it can easily spend in excess of $1 billion on research and development. Before embarking on such an expensive escapade, it makes a great deal of sense to know exactly what your return is going to be.

“With remote desktop, we can access all our resources from anywhere in the world.”

That’s where Inpharmation comes in. Inpharmation is an industry-leading marketing research and commercial insight firm. Its client list consists of the world’s biggest pharma companies, including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche.

Heading up this UK-based business with a global reach is founder Gary Johnson, who explains the role his company plays: “If you’re a pharmaceutical company and investing these sums, you need to see a return. Our role is to tell you how many units you’re likely to sell and what price you’re able to charge. We put a commercial value on the potential development.”

Having a foot in the pharmaceutical market requires the company’s staff to travel around the world for most of the time, working with the major global pharmaceutical brands in various territories. With 80 percent of its workforce operating overseas, Gary Johnson explains the specific challenge facing the business.

“Our staff require access to all their information and resources on their computers, all the time, anywhere in the world,” he says. “You can also imagine how important information security is for our staff. We are trusted with incredibly sensitive commercial data and we need to ensure it is secure, and it’s only accessible to authorised individuals on any given job.

“Furthermore, we work in real-time. We need everything working securely across the internet, all the time. We cannot afford to be off-line.”

For more than 10 years, Inpharmation has worked with Worknet, utilising our Hosted Desktop solution and hosted telephony to allow its staff and contractors across the world access its solutions remotely. In this time, we’ve helped maintain the security and resilience of its global workforce by giving the company complete control over its access to users and through robust information security and back-up services.

Inpharmation’s Gary Johnson explains how the technology has helped the company do business.

Inpharmation founder Gary Johnson

Inpharmation founder Gary Johnson

“With remote desktop, we can access all our resources from anywhere in the world,” he says. “With hosted telephony we are able to take our telephone numbers with us, wherever we go – it’s really important. All our information is backed up automatically without our intervention, so we haven’t the hassle or worry of running back-up tapes.”

We’re really pleased to see how effectively Inpharmation has been using cloud technology, both in terms of its data and telephony, to show how a company with a global reach can achieve big things.


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