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Simon Says: Broadband Connections

Simon Says: Broadband Connections

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Question: I’ve been a very satisfied customer of your IT support for many years, but now we’re thinking of making the jump to Hosted Desktop and all the benefits it entails. However, I’m concerned about two things:

1) our broadband connection here isn’t particularly fast so I’m not sure whether it will work and

2) as you know our desktop computers and laptops are getting on a bit and I suspect they’ll need replacing. Will we have to do this before we move to Hosted Desktop?

Thanks, Marie (by email)

Simon: Thanks for your question, Marie. Hosted Desktop is, indeed, a step forward from your traditional IT network with in-house server. Our Hosted Desktop package offers businesses, like yours, a completely resilient, fully backed-up IT network which doesn’t look or feel any different from what you have now, for a costeffective monthly fixed price. The benefit, of course, is because you’ll no longer have a server on-site. It will free up room in your office and all your data is safely and securely stored in an impenetrable Tier IV data centre in the UK so no chance of fire, theft or flood bringing your business down. You’ll also have full access to updated Microsoft Office applications, which means not having to mess about with
annoying upgrades, new licences and of course you can add and remove users as required. But enough of the sales job, let me answer your questions.

In answer to your first question, the speed of your broadband connection isn’t actually the important factor in whether Hosted Desktop will work for you. A quick, simplified explanation may help here.

With Hosted Desktop, the desktop you see everyday on your work computer is actually just  an image of your desktop running on a server all the way back at the secure data centre. Therefore, the only thing which needs to travel up and down your broadband connection is the image. A more important factor than outright speed is something called latency. This is the time delay between you pressing a key and the message travelling to the server to make the action, and then it travelling back to your screen so you can see that action on your monitor. As long as latency is good, Hosted Desktop will work perfectly in your office. There are limits to the speed, of course, but we find that almost all locations in the UK can now get a sufficiently good speed.

Your second question is actually related to the first. Because you are only using your work computer or laptop to display an image of your desktop on your monitor, it doesn’t need to have super-high processing power. Therefore you won’t need to replace any of your computers. In fact, you may even have a couple of older computer you can drag out of your store cupboard and put back into use!

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