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3DCloud Press Release 1

Press Release: R&D Funding Awarded to Worknet Ltd for 3DCloud Project (1st April 2013)


Worknet Ltd, a UK hosted desktop and IT services company, has been awarded Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funding for the new project “3D Dataset in the Cloud” (3DCloud) starting in April 2013. The Technology Strategy Board is jointly funded by the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and other UK government departments, devolved administrations, regional development agencies and research councils. Worknet will lead the £1.6M, 2 year project in collaboration with University College London (UCL), EMC2, First Option Solutions Ltd, CiRRUS Management Solutions Ltd and Briteyellow Ltd.

The 3DCloud project aims to develop secure cloud storage and distribution services for Terabyte 3D image datasets with novel image processing analysis tools including precision alignment of datasets and pattern recognition. Building on innovative research at UCL on ultra-high resolution 2D image recording, alignment and mosaicing, the project intends to develop tools that solve specific problems encountered in 3D and 4D datasets in a wide variety of applications. To prove robustness in dealing with significantly different types of data, the project will work with potential customers in retail and Oil & Gas exploration to solve existing pressing business problems. Subsequently the service will be opened to medical, particle physics, astronomical, satellite, gaming and forensic 3D image customers and dataset users.