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Worknet Web, Email & Domain Hosting

Web, email and domain hosting

Delivering security and resilience to your web, email and domain hosting.

Entrust your web, email or domain hosting to us and we’ll bring you all the benefits of using Worknet:


We know your web and email services need to be available 24/7. That’s why we host your services in a fault-tolerant Tier4 data centre – the highest available quality of resilience possible – giving you peace of mind that your services are in good hands.


We own and manage our UK-based servers. This means we have control over any issues, should they arise. Rather than being hosted on an anonymous server farm somewhere out in the US – and subject to intrusive snooping laws – we know exactly where your data is and who has access.


Our incredible support team is on hand with their expertise and advice when you need it. We’ll help you move from your current supplier and ensure there is as little disruption to your services as possible.

With Worknet hosting for your web, email or domain, we guarantee minimal downtime and maximum security, all backed with incredible support.

To discover more about our hosting services or simply to ask for any advice on web, email and domain hosting, call one of Worknet’s friendly expert advisers on 01628 563636 or email us at info@worknet.co.uk or complete the form below: