Hosted Telephony

Worknet Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony

The benefits of the Cloud for your business phones.

Your office needn’t be burdened with an expensive phone system any more. Our industry-leading Voice over IP (VoIP) hosted telephone system allows you all the flexibility you need with the reliability necessary for your business.

Immediately benefit from the range of features available to help you run your business that comes with a cloud-based phone system. Even better, a virtual phone system is more cost-effective and the cost of outgoing calls is significantly reduced.

How does my business benefit from a hosted phone system?


With our hosted telephone system, you don’t need to invest capital upfront in a full PBX system in your office. Furthermore, you’re not tied into an expensive, restrictive long-term maintenance contract for your PBX system. All you need to do is purchase the phone handsets and the rest is included; our phone system comes with support built-in. Quite simply, what you use is what you pay for.


Add or remove users from your network when you need them. Switch different phone services on and off when you need them. Use what you need, when you need it and only pay for what you use.

Worknet offers an industry-leading telephony solution that uses top-of-the-range Cisco and Polycom handsets to deliver exceptional features to help you and your business.

As well as standard PBX features, the hosted telephony also includes:

  • Built-in voicemail.
  • Twinning, so your desk phone and mobile can ring at the same time.
  • Music on hold options.
  • Call recording, allowing you to record all or just some calls for added security and peace of mind.
  • Conference calling.
  • Management of services and features via your personal web portal.

Imagine having the flexibility to take your phone away from the office and simply plug it into any internet connection and carry on using it as normal. Receive calls and make calls as if you were still in the office, using the same number and with calls billed to your office number. Customers calling your phone won’t even notice you’re not in the office as you sit at home or in another location miles from your business.

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