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Worknet Access & Telecoms


Connecting your IT with your telecoms services.

Maintaining control of the IT services within your building is relatively simple. When dealing with telecoms suppliers for your access, however, the story can be very different.

Having to deal with a range of suppliers for your broadband, leased line or Ethernet services can be a real drag. And if anything goes wrong, what are the chances you’ll be put through quickly to a dedicated support line who make your problem a priority?

Worknet takes away all that pain with our range of telecoms and access services to suit you. Consolidate all your IT and telecoms services with us and we’ll ensure your network works as smoothly as it can to support your business.

No more third-party call outs and being fobbed off by utilities. No more passing the buck to another provider; Worknet can deal with your IT and telecoms seamlessly from start to finish.

We can provide you with:

  • Broadband
  • EFM
  • Leased line
  • Fibre and copper

We’ll build greater resilience into your IT operation. By working with a range of carefully selected network providers, Worknet delivers a more robust configuration for your network. In the case of one network failing, having alternatives in place is essential to keep your business from suffering downtime. For any business that could be disastrous; Worknet manages your services to stop that becoming a reality.

To discover more about our range of access and telecoms services or simply to ask for any advice on telecoms and IT, call one of Worknet’s friendly expert advisers on 01628 563636 or email us at or complete the form below: