Missing emails?

In these times of employment uncertainty, it’s always nice to get a call from your HR company to check that all is well. Our HR company, GAP HR, wasn’t calling about furlough or other Covid-19 related employment issues though.

Gap HR also provide HR services to golf clubs – in fact, they specialise in HR services to golf clubs and have a separate organisation, Golf HR, to deal with the particular requirements, structures and operations of golf clubs.

A Golf HR customer was having a bit of a problem… One of the management team at the golf club had been looking for an older email, but couldn’t find it.  The search for the email in question seemed to highlight that a lot of emails were ‘missing’.

After a bit of work by the golf club, they found that emails from April all the way through to September were nowhere to be found.

The person that had been dealing with the emails was the clubs General Manager who, unfortunately, had stepped down from his role a couple of months earlier.  Given the circumstances of his departure from the club, he was in no mood to discuss where the ‘missing’ emails might be.

So the task was entrusted to the club’s go-to IT person.  However, this turned out to be simply a friend of one of the members, who “knew a bit about computers.”  After looking around for a while, he concluded that he didn’t have the appropriate access and couldn’t help.

The issue had been raised to Golf HR as a question as to whether they could force the previous General Manager to disclose what he’d done with the emails.  Golf HR sensibly gave us a call and asked if there was anything we could do to help.

We accessed the email system, remotely, and found that six months’ worth of emails had been archived into a file to save space on the email system.  We mounted the file, and access to the ‘missing’ emails was restored.

So, all’s well that ends well.  But it might have been a different story had the emails truly been deleted.

Do your systems and procedures give an audit trail as to what has been done with your emails?

Reliance on a single person for IT, often with limited experience or a restricted skill set can lead to big problems.

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