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Do you know how secure your data really is?

How Remote-Desk ensures your sensitive and confidential data is absolutely, positively the safest it can be.

You’ve a lot of very sensitive information on your server. Sensitive and confidential information about your customers and your own business. Just the thought of that data finding its way outside your business or, even worse, into the hands of competitors will send a shudder down your spine.

Because the information – your data – isn’t just sensitive. It’s valuable.

Extremely valuable.

In fact, it’s the most valuable asset your business has; it not only contains all your customer information, those customers trust you to keep their data confidential, too. Compromise this information and the fallout could ruin your business.

Imagine trying to explain to one of your customers how their personal details have been distributed. Or having to deal with the nightmare situation of an enterprising former employee taking it upon themselves to swipe your most profitable customers’ details. And what about users accidentally downloading viruses while browsing Facebook?

The most effective way – in fact, the only way – to guard against illicit removal or accidental distribution of data is to control how every single user accesses your network. Can you say, with confidence, that your current IT system does this effectively?

Remote-Desk allows you to assign specific access privileges to each user. Quite simply, they cannot access folders or files they don’t need to access in the course of their work. Your accountant doesn’t need access to your CRM system and your customer service advisors don’t need access to Sage. Because your entire IT system and the applications are hosted off-site on cloud servers, you remain completely in control.

If an employee was sacked immediately for misconduct, let Worknet know and they will be unable to access the system. No waiting around for a day or two for IT to knock them off the system, during which they can download, distribute and meddle to their heart’s content.

Remote-Desk also protects against external threats. We use the latest technology to ensure the very highest levels of protection against viruses and malware. Quite simply, if there are any threats to your hosted server set-up, the system simply won’t allow users to take a particular course of action.

Do you currently back up all your data?

One of the biggest chinks in a business’s armour is the presence of physical back-up discs loaded with company information that are even easier to steal, copy or damage than the information on the server. And, if you back-up to the cloud, can you be completely sure you know where your data is being hosted?

Because we manage your Remote-Desk for you, we know exactly where your data is.

Worknet’s Remote-Desk servers are housed in highly-secure Microsoft Azure data centres.

Microsoft Azure offers high levels of security, and high levels of resilience to keep your business moving.

And here’s another reason why, never again, should you be concerned about how secure your information is. All your data is automatically backed-up, every single night. Every single night and kept on file for 30 days. If for any reason, you need your data back, Remote-Desk makes that easy. No more figuring out how to restore data or keeping stacks of DVDs to burn data on. And yes, we can restore your data if required. Can you?

With Worknet’s Remote-Desk, you can rest easy in the knowledge your sensitive and confidential data is in safe hands.

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Every day, businesses like yours find Remote-Desk gives them so much more:

  • Flexibility of working. With Remote-Desk you aren’t tied to a particular location. You can work virtually anywhere (subject to an internet connection) and you’re free to scale up (and scale down) as your business requires it.
  • Complete confidentiality and security of your data. There’s no risk of lost or compromised data if laptops are left or stolen. And all your data is backed-up every night, automatically.
  • Scalability. Add users if you grow or add users working from home, all within 24 hours.
  • No need to buy expensive new hardware. As long as your computer has at least Windows XP (or is an Apple Mac) and an internet connection, you can let the Cloud do the rest.

“The major benefit is security and having it backed up automatically.”

ChaseBridge is a City recruitment consultancy firm specialising in the legal sector. The company maintained an extensive database of client and candidate details on an in-house server doing their own back-ups, until making the move to Worknet’s Remote-Desk.

Says ChaseBridge Managing Director Hitesh Dhokia: “It works the way of an in-house system. The benefit of Hosted Desktop is the security aspect. We don’t have the resource to have someone here permanently looking after IT, so the major benefit is security and having it backed up automatically.”


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