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Where do you want to work

Free yourself from your desk with the flexibility to work anywhere… at home, from the office or even at the beach.

It can really suck your energy. Tied to your office desktop computer as you trawl through endless pages of emails, dealing with constant interruptions and the office phone constantly ringing. There has to be a better way of working…

If the only requirement was a computer and an internet connection, just imagine where you could work. What if you could take your work desktop home? Or to another office or even the beach?

Now you can.

Free yourself from your work computer and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere without compromise.

Worknet’s Hosted Desktop gives you access to your desktop from virtually any computer with an internet connection. A Cloud-based service, Hosted Desktop uses the latest technology to allow you to access your desktop remotely from anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re at an internet cafe, on a laptop or at your home computer, you just click the Hosted Desktop icon on your computer, enter your log-in details and it’s as if you are sitting at your office computer. Your desktop looks exactly as you would expect it, with all your icons, applications and documents right in front of you.

Here are some of the ways your business will benefit from Hosted Desktop:

  • Flexible working. Remote technology allows hot-desking, home working or secure access to staff not based in your office.
  • Freedom from your desk. You can work virtually anywhere there is a computer. The only minimum requirement is Windows XP and an internet connection.
  • Built-in disaster recovery. Never struggle with a back-up, or trying to recover back-ups, again. All your data is automatically backed-up, off-site every day. And in case of disaster, simply find another computer, log-on and your business is back working again.
  • Peace of mind. Your data is safely and securely held on our fully managed, UK-based servers removing the risk of compromising sensitive information should laptops be lost or stolen.

Worknet’s Hosted Desktop is a new way of working for your business without changing the way you work. You have all the applications you need at your fingertips – whether that is Word, Excel, Sage or Goldmine – whenever and wherever you want them.

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Every day, businesses like yours find Hosted Desktop gives them so much more:

  • Flexibility of working. With Hosted Desktop you aren’t tied to a particular location. You can work virtually anywhere (subject to an internet connection) and you’re free to scale up (and scale down) as your business requires it.
  • Complete confidentiality and security of your data. There’s no risk of lost or compromised data if laptops are left or stolen. And all your data is backed-up every night, automatically.
  • Scalability. Add users if you grow or add users working from home, all within 24 hours.
  • No need to buy expensive new hardware. As long as your computer has at least Windows XP and an internet connection, you can let the Cloud do the rest.

“It’s very straightforward to access the Hosted Desktop from almost any internet connected PC”

Adams Lee Clark is an established medium-sized accountancy practice in Henley-on-Thames providing general and specialist advice to a wide range of clients. Due to the nature of the business, the practice needed a secure and resilient system of working that also offered flexibility in how they could work.

Adams Lee Clark Practice Manager Janet Thirkettle says: “We have found it much easier to work from client sites, and from home, since it’s very straightforward to access the Hosted Desktop from almost any internet connected PC. Because we deal with sensitive client data it’s very important to us to have a secure, resilient solution that we know will work.”


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