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Worknet Remote-Desk Cost-effective

What does your IT really cost you?

How Remote-Desk is cost-effective for your business now and in the long term.

IT can be expensive. The investment you make in workstations, printers, servers and all the network paraphernalia wouldn’t be so bad if it just ended there. But it doesn’t. Once you’ve invested a huge sum buying all the hardware, you end up spending almost as much, if not more, on the software, licences and support.

Within 12 months, expensive new updates loom on the horizon. In the meantime, constant system and security updates slow your computers to a crawl as operating systems struggle under their weight. Remember, these were supposed to speed your system up…

If you could spread the cost, it wouldn’t be so bad. But up-front investment in IT hits your bank balance even before a mouse has been clicked. What does that do to your cash flow? Setting up a new employee has never been more costly.

And these are only the direct costs. The most significant cost in the whole equation is, of course, your time. Your valuable time suddenly sucked up resolving IT issues or dealing with user problems. It’s you on the phone to support or trawling the web to find out what to do. It’s you arranging installs of the latest security updates and work arounds. It’s you desperately trying to recover those important files someone accidentally deleted.

There is another way.

Imagine what you could do with your time – and what you could achieve in your business – if you could entrust responsibility for all these niggling issues with the confidence they will be handled and handled quickly.

What if, rather than pouring over the details of the latest Windows update, you could focus your attention on something more productive to your business. What could your business achieve if you could free your employees from their IT issues and let them loose building your business?

But what about losing control… Handing over management of your IT system to experienced, trusted cloud service providers need not involve the loss of any control. In fact, without constantly firefighting recurring problems, you’re free to direct your resources better.

Worknet’s Remote-Desk turns the traditional IT model on its head.

Instead of paying up-front for all your servers, software and applications, we offer a pay-as-you-go system perfectly tailored to your company’s needs.

If your business needs change, you can upgrade or downgrade the number of users with no fuss.

When new versions of Microsoft Office are launched, your system can be upgraded for no additional fee. You avoid losing your investment in licences and hardware. And, your replacement cycle for PCs lengthens considerably with Remote-Desk.

Does your business use third party applications, such as Sage or Goldmine? No problem. We’ll use your licence to set up the application and you only pay a small nominal fee per user per month. Nothing changes in how you use the system. You can even call us for support and we’ll liaise with your support provider. In fact, you won’t notice any change. The only difference is your data is now more resilient, more secure and is regularly backed-up for your peace of mind.

Surely this all comes at a cost?

Here’s why Remote-Desk is more cost-effective than buying, setting up and maintaining your own server.

The price of a server may seem low to start with, but that’s generally just the hardware cost.  To this, add the cost of the operating system, the cost of employing an expert to install and set up and the cost of the licences from Microsoft and any third party application. The costs really stack up.

And that is just for a year. If you need to keep your software updated the additional costs of upgrades can rocket your IT budget through the roof.  And, in three years’ time, you’re most likely going to repeat the whole process. You very quickly lose your investment.

The costs don’t stop there. Add in regular back-ups and antivirus software across your machines. Then add annual maintenance costs associated with keeping the server in order. Now add in the cost of electricity (much higher than most businesses realise) and the cost of the floorspace taken up by your server rack. If it takes up a whole room, just think how much that is setting the business back if floor space is at a premium.

Then last, but not least, calculate how much of your time is spent dealing with server issues on a daily basis. Don’t forget the hours whiled away dealing with staying ahead of updates, patching and licences, and the hours and hours of problem-solving users’ issues.

Worknet’s Remote-Desk solution frees up your time while putting a lid on the cost of IT. At the start of each month, you know exactly what your IT is going to cost you. No surprises, no hidden fees. Just transparent, clear pricing with everything you need covered, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Can you put a price on that?

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Every day, businesses like yours find Remote-Desk gives them so much more:

  • Flexibility of working. With Remote-DEsk you aren’t tied to a particular location. You can work virtually anywhere (subject to an internet connection) and you’re free to scale up (and scale down) as your business requires it.
  • Complete confidentiality and security of your data. There’s no risk of lost or compromised data if laptops are left or stolen. And all your data is backed-up every night, automatically.
  • Scalability. Add users if you grow or add users working from home, all within 24 hours.
  • No need to buy expensive new hardware. As long as you’re computer has at least Windows XP (or in an Apple Mac) and an internet connection, you can let the Cloud do the rest.
“We needed a flexible, secure solution that didn’t involve a high up-front cost.”

Opilio Consulting provides commercial strategy and business development services to the digital media and technology industries. Working with a variety of companies, large and small, Opilio needed a cost-effective IT operation that remained flexible to their changing needs.Opilio Consulting Managing Director, Phil Shepherd explains: “We’re a small company and we operate on a very flexible basis from temporary locations around the world. We needed a flexible, secure solution that didn’t involve a high up-front cost.

Our Remote-Desk from Worknet fits the bill perfectly.”


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