What is Remote-Desk?

Ditch the server and set your company free.

In the last few years, technological advances and faster broadband has allowed many services to be delivered via the internet. Gone are the days when you needed an expensive server in your office and high-spec desktop computers to handle the new breed of office applications.

Now, you can access the latest applications running at full speed through an internet connection, without any on-site server hardware and from any desktop computer or laptop with the right software. This is cloud computing built for your business.

“We needed a flexible, secure solution that didn’t involve a high up-front cost. Our Hosted Desktop from Worknet fits the bill perfectly.”


Remote-Desk from Worknet is a cloud-based system that allows you to work remotely and take your computer desktop with you. That’s right; whether you want to work in the office, at home or anywhere in the world, with just a computer and internet connection you can have all your office applications, email and desktop icons available.

Because your office IT is hosted in the cloud, it is more secure, more resilient and you don’t need a server in your office.

Remote-Desk eliminates the need for costly up-front investment in servers and software and the infrastructure associated with running an office IT network. It removes the worry and hassle of dealing with IT from you. And that frees up your time to work on with your business.

How does Remote-Desk benefit my business?

  • Improved resilience. Make downtime a thing of the past with Remote-Desk and protect your business from disasters like fire, floods and theft.
  • Greater security. Benefit from the highest levels of security against data loss.
  • Flexibility. Take your desktop wherever you want to work – from home, from another office, or even abroad.
  • Scalability. Grow your IT network when you need it to grow or scale it back if necessary.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Access the latest application updates on Word without expensive updates and licences, when you want them.
  • Completely managed. Take all the worry and hassle of running an in-house IT operation, while staying in total control of your services.

How does Remote-Desk work?

When we say you don’t need to upgrade your existing computers, we really do mean it. As long as you have a broadband connection to your office and your desktop computer is running Windows XP or later, you can enjoy the benefits of Remote-Desk.

With Worknet, it is simple to move from a traditional office IT set-up to a cloud-based system, such as Remote-Desk. Understanding the businesses we work with is key to our customer service and providing what you need to run your business.

Initially, we take the time to discuss your requirements, assess your current set-up and formulate a schedule.

We then rebuild your entire network on cloud servers, just as you have it set up. We build the system how you want it because, after all, it’s your business. Why should you have to change the way you work to fit with technology? Surely, it should be the other way round? And, with Worknet, it is.

Building your network this way means in minutes you can switch from your existing office set-up to Remote-Desk with no downtime and no chaotic office fit-out. Less time worrying and more time working on your business.

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Every day, businesses like yours find Remote-Desk gives them so much more:

  • Flexibility of working. With Remote-Desk you aren’t tied to a particular location. You can work virtually anywhere (subject to an internet connection) and you’re free to scale up (and scale down) as your business requires.
  • Complete confidentiality and security of your data. There’s no risk of lost or compromised data if laptops are left or stolen. And all your data is backed-up every night, automatically.
  • Scalability. Add users if you grow or add users working from home, all within 24 hours.
  • No need to buy expensive new hardware. As long as your computer has at least Windows XP and an internet connection, you can let the Cloud do the rest.

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